Welcome to S & D Superfoods, a small home-run microgreens business based in Charlottesville Virginia owned and operated by two brothers: Samuel & David Roberts.  The idea began in January 2020 with our dad coming back home from a meeting with and crazy idea he borrowed from one of the participants he heard talking about parenting. He said that before we could get our drivers license or any type of electronics, we would have to create a profitable business. The weekend after he told us this, a family friend came over to our house for dinner. During the dinner, this friend talked us into growning a mushrooms to sell. The next day we started watching hours and hours of YouTube videos about growing mushroom. After weeks of watching YouTube videos, we noticed that many of the mushroom farmers also grew microgreens. We learned that mushrooms took around 30 days to grow while many microgreens take only 7 days. Once the pandemic struck, we watch many more hours of YouTube videos on growing microgreens. In April, we decided to ask our dad for "seed" money to start the business. We sold out the first three weeks of growing and the rest is “history!”

Yes, we are young, but we grew up (literally) with a large broccoli sprouts operation in our kitchen for our mom. She had breast cancer and so our dad grew them for 4 years so she could have bunches in her fresh homemade juice every day. Because of our story, we value growing our microgreens organically with the high-quality seeds and dirt. In most cases, we will cut your order the same day to maximize freshness.